skin care tips

Skin care tips

skin care tips

Today we talk how to get natural glowing skin

skin care tips

Beautiful skin is dream for all us because we all want to look younger in our life and looking nice increase our self confidence also

To get your dream skin you want to care your skin we always search for beauty tips for face but including face we have other body parts to make there skin quality also good  Skin care tips are not only for make your skin externally good its all about what we eat we look like that only

    If we eat unhealthy food our diet not fulfill our daily vitamins and mineral which have main role to make new skin cells we don’t get beautiful skin and tips for glowing skin is only work when we are getting good diet Now days people are using very harmful chemicals which give them instant glow on there face but they don’t know that what  they are doing with there skin

  • save your skin and Get aware from this so call beauty products So try to keep away from this chemical substance just follow this skin care tips to get glowing skin

1.turmeric powder

Turmeric is rich in anti inflammatory properties which work very well on pores and relax skin and it also work effectively on scars by reducing scars marks                                                                                                                                   mix 2 table Spoon of turmeric powder with water and apply on affected skin area and keep for 25 minutes do twice in a week this is best remedy to get glowing skin

2.sun lotions

Ultra violet rays are the main reasons for wrinkles so try to apply anti ultra violet lotion before going out vitamin e is rich in antioxidants its also protect our skin from ultra violets rays and protects your skin from damage cause by free radicals

3.drink enough water

In our almost articles we aware our subscribers about water benefits water is one of the best source to treat skin problems its help us to remove toxins from our body drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily to get natural glowing skin


Lemon is rich in vitamin c its help us to remove toxins presents in our body and it also have natural bleaching agents which help to fair and lighten your skin apply 1 tablespoon of lemon juice on you skin help you to get fair skin naturally

5.get enough sleep

Sleep is very important factor for skin related issue when we don’t get complete sleep our body produce stress hormones which affect our skin like early aging dark circles so make sure you get enough sleep

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